Looking for someone to code a like system in specific sections.
Hey guys! First of all I'm a new member with not much knowledge within forum software.
I really like MyBB as it has the most awesome layout generally and a really nice community.

My question is, is there anyone that know of a plugin like this.

What I need is a plugin on my forum where users can like another users thread.
They can only like it once, and the option to like the thread is only available in specific sections.

If a person get a like on his thread, it will be seen under reputation. This will be called Sound Likes.
The more people that likes the thread, the more Sound Likes the user will get under their reputation on their profile page + their postbit.

The concept:
I'm starting a music forum.
This plugin will be used on any threads that has either a soundcloud or a Youtube code in the OP within specific sections like:

Share music.
Showcase your music.
So the plugin will not be available in I.E A lounge, or a marketplace or whatever.

My thoughts with this is that as the forum grows, and people start liking each others tracks it will motivate the users to create and share more music.
Also if wanting to collaborate with other users, it will be an advantage the more sound likes one has.

Now I don't know anything about coding, so I'm asking you gurus in here.
What would such feature cost to code? Or does it already exist? I have no clue how advanced it is.

Note: There should only be a SoundLike button, no dislike button. If someone does not like the sound they'll simply pass.

This plugin may be suitable already: https://community.mybb.com/mods.php?action=view&pid=360
(2019-02-17, 01:48 AM)dragonexpert Wrote: This plugin may be suitable already: https://community.mybb.com/mods.php?action=view&pid=360

I have used Whiteneo version, it also allows to hide the post until thanks.
I think it is an additional feature which can be used Wink
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