[Rejected] Some issues with SCEditor 1.5.2 in MyBB 1.8.20
In my opinion would be better to implement SCeditor 2.0 in next release (v1.8.21) and do not waste time with fixing these kind of bugs in version 1.5.2 Sad

I am not sure how difficult it could be but it could solve many issues and bring newer editor to MyBB MyLowesLife.

P.S. I have been using CKeditor (Rin editor) for years, much better!
Yeah it won't be a good idea to change editor to other one. I'll continue to look where this issue has originated. It's weird that only centering doesn't work. And as I noted in my previous comment - SCEditor 1.5.2 is working properly as standalone thing, but when used in MyBB centering suddenly stops working.

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