Not Solved [Security] Possible to put IP Logger inside a signature?
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I was recently framed for "having an IP logger in signature". Now I was wondering if this actually is possible? They said that everyone who just entered a thread with my signature got their ip logged. I am trying to prove my innocence.

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With remotely hosted images that'd be possible, yes.
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(2019-03-06, 09:57 AM)linguist Wrote: With remotely hosted images that'd be possible, yes.

Explain this further.

I tested this out with Gyazo and Imgur. Neither one showed the IP address in the signature. (those are the only 2 that were tested. I do not use any other online image capturing services)

FYI, the IP address icon button would be where the two small arrows going around in a square.

Only the Admin is able to mouse click on that icon, all other users are unable to click on it. (at least, that is how my website is set up) 

Gyazo... impossible to click on the double arrow because that button is unusable in image capture.

[Image: 6719cd995a3b9ee1944f064883e580aa.png]

Imgur... same thing... no IP address.

[Image: OhKA7uT.png?1]
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Hm maybe you did something like this?

It will show everyone's IP in this thread when they watch it Big Grin

[Image: mybb.jpg]
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1] Create a subdomain of your server only with one image
2] Put that image on your signature
3] Check logs of that subdomain
4] Profit?
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