Not Solved [How To?] OUGC Awards | Add CSS Border around award
Not Solved
Award icon with border and background

Go ACP >> Users & Groups >> Manage Awards >> Choose your award or add one

Image / Class

<a href="awards.php?view=9" title=""><img class="Awardstyle1" src="IMAGE"
Replace IMAGE with your icon link

Template Type:Class Template

and save

go ACP >> Templates & Style >> Theme >> Choose your theme >> global.css 
add this
.Awardstyle1 {
    border: 2px solid #fa7c88;
    height: 24px;
    width: 24px;
    border-radius: 15%;
    background: #333;
    padding: 1px;
and save
[Image: ad1.gif]
Not Solved
Why do you keep adding HTML tags inside the Image / Class input field? That is unnecessary.
Not Solved
Beucase I want different color in each award
[Image: ad1.gif]

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