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Not Solved [General] Help in Customizing
Not Solved
I'd like to know: 1) if what I would like to do is possible with MyBB; and 2) if someone in the community is willing and able (for compensation) to do the necessary customization.

   I'm the editor of a Catholic publishing company, Ignatius Press. We have started an online book club. Surprisingly, we had 11,000 people sign up for an on line 'discussion' of our first book. We want to create a forum that is similar in look and function to the Microsoft Community forum (  Here is my description (see attachment for graphics):

On the Microsoft forum home page, the user selects the product he is interested in, and that gets him to the second page. It’s the second page that is my model (for our home page). Example; select 'Windows' on the home page. The next page has two drop down boxes, 'Windows version' and 'Windows topics'. For our forum, the first drop down box would be to select the particular book being discussed. (Eventually searchable or alphabetized and scrollable.) The second drop down box would have these choices: Posts by moderators; Show all; General; Chapter 1; Chapter 2, etc.

Each entry would have: user name, creation date, subject line, text, reply button. (On posts and replies, option of have email notification of replies to post or to a reply.) 

There would be a filter on the list of posts, much more basic than the highly differentiated filter Microsoft has. 

Post would permit links to video clips, perhaps with a thumbnail icon.

That's it. Anyone able to help?

Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J.
Not Solved
This is the simplest thing to do, those dropdown menus are just simply dropdown links. Yes, all of the above is easily possible.
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