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Not Solved New installation - user registration fails
Not Solved
I've just installed MyBB for the first time on a AWS Ubuntu server. The installation seemed to go well and I am able to log in as administrator, but other people cannot register for the forum. During registration, they get the following error:
  • The image verification code that you entered was incorrect. Please enter the code exactly how it appears in the image.
However, there is no image verification code displayed in the registration form, and no form field to type it into!

I have tried to disable any captcha features via the Setting, but to no effect.

The forum is located at

Any help, much appreciated!

-- John

php --version
PHP 7.2.15-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 (cli) (built: Feb  8 2019 14:54:22) ( NTS )
Copyright © 1997-2018 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.2.0, Copyright © 1998-2018 Zend Technologies
    with Zend OPcache v7.2.15-0ubuntu0.18.04.1, Copyright © 1999-2018, by Zend Technologies
Not Solved
looks like you have removed MyBB & working with other forum script.

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