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Changing the login method to another user database.
I got a game server and would like to integrate MyBB.
I have a MySQL database for the accounts and a registration page in PHP.

Is it possible to link or convert so that I can install MyBB using the existing accounts and registering on the board equals server registration to login with the same credentials. 
I'd need to add an e-mail column to the user table.

I'm going in blind here sort of, so if it is possible I can provide more details once I know which I need to provide.
If it's not possible, then I'll just have to take it as is as a seperate board.
Looking for people who actively play or DM Dungeons & Dragons.
Please PM me, working on a secret project ^^.
For new users to the board, you will need to hook to datahandler_user_insert_end. This reference in the code may be of some help.

For existing users, you will hook to datahandler_login_complete_end. This is the reference in code.

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