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[For 1.8] Mark best answer in Thread
Version: 1.0 - If you find any bugs, please report them to me. If you need help or want changes, please create a reply here.

- Allow the thread author to choose the best answer! (Threadauthors cannot mark their own answers as the best answer!)
- You have several setting options. (Decide e.g. whether thread authors can remove the best answer again or whether only admins can do it!)
- Please have a look at the readme.txt and the global.css.txt in the plugin directory!

Important (!!!):

This plugin was written for the default theme of MyBB.
The variables in the default theme are automatically set in the postbit template when the plugin is activated. As soon as the plugin is deactivated, the variables are automatically removed again.
You may have to set the variables manually in your individual template!

Lightbulb  Go to download:
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hello sir i am facing a problem when installing this , its not installing , when i am trying to install it its comes with HTTP 500 error. please tell me how do i fix this problem
I need the error log. Can you send it to me?
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(2020-09-30, 02:54 PM)itsmeJAY Wrote: I need the error log. Can you send it to me?

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