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Cannot delete plugin
Quote:Could not load the source for
[Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80470002 (NS_BASE_STREAM_CLOSED) [nsIInputStream.available]"  nsresult: "0x80470002 (NS_BASE_STREAM_CLOSED)"  location: "JS frame :: resource://devtools/shared/DevToolsUtils.js :: onResponse :: line 607"  data: no]
Stack: [email protected]://devtools/shared/DevToolsUtils.js:607:25
[email protected]://gre/modules/NetUtil.jsm:123:17
Line: 607, column: 0

This is the message I get when I try to uninstall MyProfile plugin. I'm having problems with it, as it doesn't display the integrated profile comments correctly (not at all). I also tried just deleting all files manually, but the settings seem to remain and it's just like before.
Push. D:
Edit: It worked now. I had to reinstall frostschutz' PluginLibrary

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