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Not Solved My site user can't login it always show this message when correct password
Not Solved
'Authorization code mismatch. Are you accessing this function correctly? Please go back and try again.'

I upgrade mybb latest but it problem now.. When you create account you can't login it always show this message. 
I can't login in my profile. only can access admin panel. than set password any user. But these user can't login.
Not Solved
see this guidance => authorization code mismatch
Not Solved
MY cms version is 1.8.20 . Give me solution.
Not Solved
Try reading the actual linked guide. You have your solution.
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Not Solved

I try to add this code :
<input name="my_post_key" type="hidden" value="{$mybb->post_code}" />
after after <form action="member.php">
but it's not update it's show permission problem see screensort .
I try to update

Only one templete can update successfull that is, error_nopermission
Not Solved
(2019-03-27, 01:45 AM)hasanmallick Wrote: MY cms version is 1.8.20 . Give me solution.

1) Your forum is not updated for 1.8.20

2) Fix your cookie settings using this tool:

3) Your URL is without www. but your admin redirects to the www version
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Not Solved
check here my dashboard show mybb is updated.

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