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Discord Roles to MyBB Groups
Hello! I'm not great at explaining so sorry if this gets boggy.

My community is currently revamping our forums, and we'd like a few overhauls, one major one being the synchronization of certain Discord roles to MyBB groups. 

I currently use Flyover and have it setup so that users are forced to login via Steam, however, have the option afterwards to also sync their Discord account in their User CP. Syncing saves their Discord username to a profile field you can pull from, which I hope in turn eliminates a small amount of work for you at least.

While doing some quick Googling I did notice this plugin (, this is essentially what I need, but the exact opposite haha.

Quick example:
A 'Server Moderator' in Discord makes a forums account, they sync their Discord account via Flyover in the UCP, then waa'laa, an automated task (Running every 5mins?) assigns them the 'Server Moderator' group on MyBB (or whatever group is set to be assigned for Server Moderators in the ACP)

This feature would mainly benefit our staff team. Staff are constantly being removed/added and trying to keep up with it across three separate systems (discord, game server, forums) can be quite the task. Shrinking it down to two would help tremendously and set the grounds for a 'onesync' system across all three. So hopefully this job is possible and I'm not too far out on a whim.

Payment will be via Paypal.
Price & details to be discussed.

Best form of contact is Discord @Fasko#0048
PMs on here also works, just won't be as quick of a reply

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