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Paid work for MyBB Developers
We are looking for a custom plugins and template edits to improve the design and functionality of our forum.

Here are a few things we're looking for currently:

  1. Allow sorting by "official brands"
    When clicking on the logo, it will sort the threads by brands like "Spotify" for example. So upon clicking will only show threads containing "Spotify"

2. Add an expiration date to threads, so after a thread is a certain age, it will be removed to another subforum.

3. Newpoints features

4. XThreads

We have many ideas about using xthreads, and mainly someone who understand xthreads who can make this happen.

If interested, I will explain this via PM.

We have lots of other work to do, but we need a developer who has time on their hands, as well as a flexibility in skills. Let me know the pricing details so we can move forward. Communication is preferred through discord, but flexible.

We have more work to do as well. Being an established forum, we can offer good prices, we just need to find talented mybb and web developers who are can work on our project.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Just check our website:

Can you do modifications of my current themes? Or do you only sell prebuilt themes
I can help you set up a thread prefix system and display the prefixes above the thread list so the user can click on the one they want and it will only show threads that have the prefix and I am pretty sure there are plugins out there that can remove/move/close old threads after x amount of time. If you still need help feel free to PM me and we can discuss more.

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