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Need a custom theme + plugin
To keep things short, I need a developer that can make me a custom theme and plugin to go with a forum I'm planning. I'm going to launch a stock market / finance discussion forum. 

Work involved...

+ I already have a theme template in mind from another site and was hoping someone could make a similar theme for MyBB that matches my niche with the right colors, etc. I'll give you the theme I like and it'll be your job to both create a similar version that works with MyBB and be the creative mind behind how it looks with my niche.

Aside from the custom theme, I'll also need a live stock market ticker tape going across the top of my forum in the header. You'll need to use a public API to pull trending stock quotes.

Ticker bar example from
 [Image: cfbe9a5ff3892f7258deecba2fdb90a7.png]

I'd love to see some portfolios and talk with a few different people to get varied estimates. 

Thanks for all your time!

I can design you custom theme for your forum as per your requirements.

You can take a look at my portfolio @

Contact me if you are interested.

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