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Not Solved Export Xenforo 2 to MyBB
Not Solved
Hello good night to all, today I come with a little doubt.
I have a forum with the following statistics
Topics 256.030
Messages 957.030
Members 240,458
in Xenforo Version 2 and I would like to export it to MyBB, is it possible?
Not Solved
Have you tried the Merge System?
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A friend of mine recently converted his Xenforo 2.1 forum to MyBB. It was not big though.
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since mybb is free , i would have done that for sure , but i would have first tested it on a test host or either any other directory of your current host .. ..
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i would ask it here before going to create a new topic, does it also convert the password hashes too? will the passwords work on mybb?
question is for xf 2.1 to mybb

thank you and greetings from germany
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Just use the Merge System and it will convert everything without any issues. I converted my forum from XF 2 to MyBB (a small forum) and everything went well. Better test in a subdomain or offline and try in live.
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Is xF that bad? I have a licence but never used it on a live site.
Not Solved
No it is not bad, for paid software it is really good. In free MyBB is good.
Not Solved
(07-28-2019, 03:15 PM)woostar Wrote: Is xF that bad? I have a licence but never used it on a live site.

It's not, however, you have to pay a premium every year in order to have tech support from Xenforo.
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Can I give you a simple tip?

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