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Not Solved vbulletin 4.2.2 to mybb 1.8.6
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I have a problem with transferring my forum from vbulletin 4.2.2 to mybb please help, in the attachment message with merge.

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structure table posts and user

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please help me Smile
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This is not an error but a warning: the fields are longer in your vbulletin DB than in the MyBB DB, so datas might be truncated.
It's not a trouble with the icq field (icq id aren't 20 chars long), but it might cut some posts if they are longer than 250627 bytes.

You can proceed the next steps and when finished, check if the longest post in your vbulletin forum are ok in mybb.

Tip: you can easily found the longest messages using the following query (adapt it to match the vbulletin table):
select char_length(message) as nbchar, length(message) as nbbytes, message from TABLE order by char_length(message) desc limit 10
This will give you the top 10 greatest message with their number of characters and the bytes length.
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nowy błąd

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