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Looking for help upgrading a 1.6 plugin to 1.8
I have a custom activations plugin that is much different to the built-in system that I'd like to get upgraded. I wouldn't mind paying to get it upgraded, if anyone can assist, please let me know.

There'll need to be some slight changes to the plugin too.

When users register, they're in GID 5 until they email verify. Then they're auto moved to GID 2, once in GID 2, this plugin would then alert Admins that users are pending Admin Validation. We do so in Admin CP, and once validated they move to GID 9.
I think there is simpler way:
First, after registration user moved to Awaiting Activation. After activation user moved to Registered user group. You can make special view in ACP, where show only Registered group users. After that admin can easy promote user Confirmed usergroup.
But this plugin does more than that already on 1.6.

- Runs an automatic IP check matching the database, and will list a total count of matches found. Clicking on the IP link will bring up a list of search results.
- Puts up a notification on the board itself, so we know when someone is waiting to be moderated. I don't think the custom view would do this.
- Additional WHOIS links of the IP are also attached, so we can just click it open to review the info, in case it's from a Proxy or Data Center.

As I said, this functions much differently from the built-in one, which seems extremely lacking.

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