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Not Solved [General] Weird Amount Of Visitors ( Guests )
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Hi , 
Now usually even if the website gets popular by something posted on google or Facebook , the maximum amount of visitors that i get is around 400 ( like last 15 minutes ) , thats the best i have on my website , normally its like 120-150 people on the board same time ..
However today The visitors raised to more then 1000 for a span of time ( like within a fraction of second more then 1000 people , and then within 1 minutes or 2 , they show again as normal ) its like a market graph raising and breaking down .. 
The funny part was 
No sql errors were there , no cpu usage , no ram was effected with this .. ( Thats what makes me think , what it can be ) ? 
When The resources are not effected what it can be ..

Is there anyway for you guys to investigate this for me , might be a hack attempt or something , or like a ddos ?

i Asked this to my host and they replied that there was no such attack and my site resources has no issues as well  ( i am on a cloud hosting for hostgator ) , however this was very weird according to them as well .. 

What it can be any ideas ? 
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Firstly. I luv cloud hosting from host gator, so I can relate to this. I'm just a passerby reading this thread and to quote an answer from
Michael Ellis, SEO And SMM Expert, he says
"There are lots of reason for sudden traffic spike on a website but here I want to describe most common reason for the sudden traffic spike.

When you launch some event like the press release or doing any online promotion may cause sudden increase traffic. Sometime when your post on Facebook or Reddit etc. site goes viral in social media marketing services may also cause of traffic boost.

One another reason is some time your site repeatedly hit by any search robot that is why you were getting massive traffic increase.

You can find your answer from google analytic where you can check about way of traffic."

Exactly, you can easily track this through google analytics.
Hey man, what's up?
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i found out that to be a hack attempt , as i saw via security log plugin , i saw multiple attempts made to login in the board
it happened today as well .. i don't know , what can actually target this ..
Ukraine , china , and many other more reasons .. , thankfully failed attempts activate captcha in mybb , and that what makes them a bit tired ..

I have noticed all of these things after installing this plugin
might be wrong here , i will be testing it for 2-3 days after uninstalling this plugin

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