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[For 1.8] RPG Stats on Postbit
(2019-08-01, 06:30 AM)Indoril Wrote: Interestingly, as soon as I turn on all group options, the RPG will not be displayed, I choose the option 'Select group', are they displayed? Is this a bug?
Yes that is a bug, I feel really bad I didn't catch that. I had just learned the optionscode groupselect for a feature request and forgot to think to handle the "All groups" setting. I realize that this is what the last two posts were referring to, so I thank you for being more detailed.

(I'm playing OpenMW right now actually, Morrowind rules.)
I just pushed a pretty major update and added new features such as a Gil display and equip system for display. If you have this plugin installed and find these additions desirable, please give the update a try and let me know how it works. I did quite a bit of testing and deployed it to my own forum, here's a screenshot of a fully customized 1.2.0 postbit_rpgstats:

This update fixes a few reversions and removes a couple of unnecessary queries. If you want to clean up old data, I recommend updating -> uninstalling -> reinstalling. You'll have to re-enter all of your custom profile field IDs and template changes, so back those up if needed.
So how exactly would you go about changing the value of the hp. Is it through the ACP or can you click on HP while in a post?
Setting current HP values is done through custom profile fields. You have to assign the field IDs in RPG Stats Options to get them to work. Max HP values are determined by a base, coefficient, and EXP (post count). The base and coefficient can be global or defined per element.

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