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Not Solved [General] How often do you guys take backup?
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I am just wondering how often do you guys take backup of your mybb forum? I mean the files and databases.
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Whenever I or someone posted a high quality posts. Smile
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I suggest you take a filesystem backup at least once per week. You should be taking a backup of the database once per day.
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uh... daily?

although a months old backup is better than nothing, it's still weird to not have daily backups

backup task should be automated... if you have to do it by hand you'll just forget about it
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I tend to take file backups once per week, depending on how much work I'm doing on the site. The database I backup around 3am every morning.
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I take backup every week and sometimes after having much difference on my site, i take a new backup too. It depends on your website and the amount of changes or information add to it daily. If your website changes frequently or it has many new posts, do take backups daily.
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Everyday twice using the task manager for me as i have a 120mb database right now , yes manually i take it once a week on my system
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(04-16-2019, 10:30 AM)frostschutz Wrote: uh... daily?


For starters, I have a complete copy of my forum on localhost, so templates, etc. will be preserved no matter what.

Secondly, for anyone who thinks daily is too much, I'd offer to you that 24 hours between backups makes me sick at my stomach. I don't want to lose anything.

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