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Not Solved [Security] Which Backup and Why?
Not Solved
Hello everyone, I'm not really expert in backup so please enlighten me.
I keep on doing this 3 kinds of backup regularly not knowing what are they for and their importance.

AdminCP: Home » Database Backups » New Database Backup
  • Select all
  • GZIP Compressed
  • Download
  • Structure and Data
  • Analyze and Optimize Selected Tables: yes

What is this backup for?

Cpanel: Backup » Download Full account Backup » Download

What is the deference of this back up from the AdminCP backup?

Cpanel: Database » PhpMyAdmin » Export
  • Method: Quick - display only the minimal options
  • Format: SQL

What is this backup for?

Which one of this backups I should do regularly?
Not Solved
1] database backup from forum admin panel
it works fine for a general forum. backup might be broken if database is huge.

2] c-panel full backup
it includes all the files & all databases. backup size can be huge
& internal files structure might be confusing in the beginning ..

3] phpMyAdmin backup
this method is generally followed. backup might be broken if database is huge.

*] if shell access [ssh] is available
then backup through it can be referred as the best method
separate backups can be taken for the database & the files

[automated database backups]
Not Solved
Adding onto what .m. said, the second one, cPanel backup, is basically just doing number one and number three all together. Unless there's other things you want to backup i.e cPanel emails, other websites, then there's really not much of a reason to do the second backup. If you're using cPanel, I'd recommend backing up your database via PhpMyAdmin (backup 3) once per day and then backing up your files with cPanel's File Manager/FTP once a week.
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