Not Solved Authorization code mismatch error when logging in
Not Solved
I am using a load balancer on my domain since I have multiple usages for the domain. My nginx configuration uses a proxy_pass to another hosting provider for my MyBB website.

So the whole process looks like

client -> nginx -> proxy pass to other domain

I have researched into what causes this, I have already added the my_post_key and when I inspect element, it shows. I assume now the issue is the cross domain requests. Since the default request resides behind my first domain which is passing over to the real domain, the keys are being loaded after the request hence the miss match.

How can I resolve this?

FYI: My DNS I want to use is: - which works, up until you try log in
       MyBB is being hosted on the DNS under a free hosting platform whilst under dev

Is there any support for proxy_pass with NGINX?

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