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what hosting company are you guys using for your my bb websites??
I am just wondering what websites people are for their forums
It depends on how much effort you wish to put on server maintenance -

Shared Hosting - Less effort, cheap cost but less control
I have used various hosting providers in past, I am currently using A2hosting and it is quite good for me for my main forums.

VPS Hosting - More control, more effort and higher cost
If you want to setup and have more control, than use VPS. I use VPS for 1 of my forums and I am using digitalocean VPS right now.

Cloud Hosting - If you want a single server in VPS, than go with cloud. You have more power than VPS and huge amount of resources but I dont think you will need it.

Dedicated Hosting - Well I don't think you will need this as well Smile

Select between Shared hosting or VPS.
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