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[Enhancement] The File Verification of ACP should show or say complete
I used the feature(File verification of ACP) recently as I have some edited CSS files. I was surprised that it showed me all the files that have been changed but it didn't show the process was complete. It just keep 'checking'. I will really appreciate if you guys take a look and enhance this feature. Its already a great tool but with this feature it will be just great.
If you are talking about the Checking ... word in the breadcrumb trail, well, it doesn't say "Checking" when it actually is checking. It says "Checking" when its done checking.

I agree its a poor UI narration as its appearing with 3 trailing dots (that generally is used for some ongoing process), but there is no live text change (AJAX) involved in that page and that implementation is an overkill as the page itself gets refreshed.

But yeah, neat pick, the word "Checking..." can be replaced with "Check Result" to avoid confusion.
... and
Its a language variable. Up to you to change it. The language file is tools_file_verification.lang.php. String sequence 2.
So, go ahead and edit the language file to display whatever you need. Big Grin
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