Usernme color
I need a plugin that changes the username color depends on a number of posts and threads?
anyone can help?
for example
100 post will make the username color blue
500 post or thread green
1000 post or thread gold 
There is some tutorial which can change user group colour change. You will have to set users groups according to your criteria.
I know but how can I make it automatic color change when any user hit a certain number of posts?
You do not need a plugin to do this.

All you need is Group Promotions that is found in the AdminCP.

Look at these screenshots to assist you...

Go here first...

[Image: 588ad7ce0fca7849335d1efeccac19a7.png]

Then,  go to this next step...

[Image: 450fe244de69c5666ef4456eebe07ec4.png]
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