User friendlier multiselect on admin pages
It may be useful for forums with a fair number of forums and with plugins that have forumselect settings.

Download: jQuery multiselect

Go to admin/jscripts, create a folder called multiselect, and insert inside it the folders named css, img, js of the downloaded archive.

Open admin/inc/class_page.php, search for:
echo "	<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"./jscripts/tabs.js\"></script>\n";

Add after:
echo "	<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"./jscripts/multiselect/js/jquery.multi-select.js\"></script>\n";
echo "	<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"jscripts/multiselect/css/multi-select.css\" />\n";
echo "	<script>$(function() { $('select[multiple]').multiSelect(); })</script>\n";


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Thank you! Still looking for similar solution for usergroups and for permission system
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