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[For 1.8] iPatrol
(2019-10-02, 04:50 AM)effone Wrote: Its not a random plugin to just pick up and use. Understand if you need it and how you need it, configure.
If you don't use it - thats fine. I understand why you are facing issues Wink
I made it for our own convenience. Released it free as we thought it may be helpful for some, not for those who are happy to accept bots as guests or allow legit members to get banned even when there are several settings to fine tune.

This plugin is not for you. Thanks for trying though...

Lol.. nice reply effone. No need to be upset about input Smile

Anyways, thanks and good luck!
I am not upset at all. I made it, I know ins and outs of what and how it does.
Its fine if you are having hard time properly taking its bebefit, we are here to help.
If you don't need help and just here to blame the work then again, its just a plugin, not a core work that you have to tolerate. Uninstall, delete the plugin, look at the rising Sun.
If you are happy to have a long online user list, but not ready to see long online bot list apart from the fact that all those are really bot visiting your site and you are okay to fool yourself alongwith others displaying them as a guest then this in not the plugin you need.

What do you think why this kind of mods are made even in the year 2010?

It manually does the same thing what this plugin automatically does for you. The plugin is NOT manipulating anything and stating wrong stats. If you see 23 Guests, 3 bots and 12 users in WOL you are happy, When tge fact is out of that 23 may be 15 is unknown bots. iPatrol just reveals that secret for you. Now if you see that long 18 bots name apart from 12 username it appears odd. It may be, but what can this plugin do if you actually having those many bots visiting your site?

If you feel relaxed seeing a huge traffic at your site even if the traffic is fake and just some rapid hit auto scripts trying to drain your bandwidth from under a proxy then avoid iPatrol.

I appreciate your feedback. I am trying to make you understand that whatever odd is coming to your notice is actually the fact and is being brought to the notice by the plugin.

I have heard what you said. I will make an additional plugin to have you better control over the WOL listing, if you want to have one . Apart from that I'll let you know we are gonna have a core modification in MyBB for the purpose too, to manage WOL listing more efficiently.
(2019-10-02, 12:55 AM)makpaolo Wrote: iPatrol also seemed to have banned many members from accessing the site, even though I disabled the setting for banning proxy visitors.

It banned staff members and a few others as well from viewing the board when the plugin was activated. I didn't know about it until the next day, and I was wondering why my forum was so inactive lol. I deactivated the plugin and all was unbanned

I am not sure if it is due to my website or the plugin, but it can also not be a coincidence that it happened to me and Serpius (As far as the spiders / bots go in the Online section, not sure about the banning issue)

Good work with the plugin though! I am excited to see future updates Big Grin

Yep, the same thing happened to me as well.

I did have a few members during the time that iPatrol was running prevented them from accessing the website.

They were using legit logins, nothing amiss about those ones that I did see.

Since I removed iPatrol, everything is back to normal.
I'm Serpius and You're Not    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Can this plugin be safely used to JUST affect registrations by spammers? I don't want to risk my moderators or regulars getting flagged for no reason, based on the discussions that took place earlier in this thread.

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