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Im looking for someone that can help me fix a postbit bg issue and some year badge features.

I will pay.

Add me FeLgen#0001

postbit_classic code (this is placed at the very top of postbit_classic)
[Image: o950Y18.png]

global.css code
[Image: WdMvSvj.png]

Using custom profile fields.

How it looks:
[Image: vtaTysB.png]

My username & avatar is under the picture (the picture is above), so can't click on my avatar or my username.

P.S, I have also went in global.css and changed the z-index to 2 for avatars, still it's under the postbit bg.

How to fix?

It looks like a z-index problem, if you could refer me to your website I could give you the variable that will fix this

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