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[For 1.8] ABP restrict url 1.2
(2019-06-03, 08:19 AM)Crazycat Wrote: Ok, I found the error and correct it, you can download the version 1.1.
For the short explanation: in my abp_urlrestrict_postcheck function, I was checking $mybb->user rights, assuming the user was the personn which posts. But with RSS Feed poster, it's a task started by the connected user, which can be a guest or anyone. So I have to get the datahandler user to have the good poster.

Ok, I will download this and keep you posted if the issue has been solved.


Just a quick update on ABP Restrict URL plugin...

The latest version 1.1 has fixed that issue that I mentioned in post #8

Here's what the logs show...

[Image: 47f8f07e3b3467ceb47d3e3cf4e766d9.png]

No issues!
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Thanks for this!
I'm tired of the Spam users that not even the recaptcha blocks them!
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Version 1.2 is online, and can now forbid urls in PM and email, as asked in
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