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Seeking paid custom plugin author

I have a series of projects that I need done for myBB and I am looking to hire/pay a plugin author to make these for me Smile

Here are a few: 
* lineage plugin: User/Mod/Admin CP functions that allow members to select two "parents" from the memberlist and a moderator or admin can approve. The full lineage of that user is displayed via a template that can be plugged into the member profile. The lineage table will auto-populate based on all the "connected" members for each person's lineage table. 

*Approve form/ADMIN CP/mod cp: A form that is submitted to the admin cp or mod cp for approval. Unapproved forms get sent back to member with revision requests. Approved forms get logged to the database where each form field has a unique {$ID} that can be pulled to generate pages of the info. 

*Custom counters: ability to select from admin cp counters for custom profile fields -- like count up how many male/female in a user group, display a page that has all members of a group sorted by a custom field, etc. 

And many more. Please PM me if you're willing to work with me on these.
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