Dice Roller MyCode Bug Fix
(2020-05-07, 06:57 PM)Omar G. Wrote: I don't think there is any data drop while uninstalling, since it appears the plugin uses de PID for assigning rolling values (I think this should be changed because it doesn't sound too random but would require some rewrite).
That error came into existence right after updating to myBB 1.8.22 to be precise.

It immediately went away after uninstalling, applying the fix, and reinstalling, so that's why I suggest it. 

It is also an abandoned project, so maybe a new plugin should be added to the Extend myBB plugins?
Uh, yes, if uninstalling works for you I don't see any issue doing so since no sensitive data is removed, just be careful with your settings and templates so you don't lose customizations. If somebody arises clues as to find and fix the issue we could try to fix it.

Quote:It is also an abandoned project, so maybe a new plugin should be added to the Extend myBB plugins?

Maybe, I don't mind if anyone sends it themselves and simply takes the code from the Gist. I could send it later on once I finish updating my other plugins (I have plenty on the queue) if none else does.
I know this thread is old but we have come across an issue and aren't sure how to proceed with a fix for this.

Result messages work, if you are using very few results but if you have something like below for 1d100 (where each number = a result) it won't display the result message below the roll.
ranmagic=Necromancy, Mimicry, Players Choice, Psionic Blast, Resurrection, Sound Manipulation, Players Choice, Time manipulation, Empathy, Elemental manipulation, Players Choice, Limited spiritual conjuration, Sporadic invisibility, Pyrokinesis, Players Choice, Shadow manipulation, Players Choice, Limited telepathy, Players Choice, Limited accelerated healing, Echolocation, Night vision, Limited magic, Bone manipulation, Companion, Night manipulation, Players Choice, Telepathy, Uncontrollable possession, Excessive persuasion, Light manipulation, Star manipulation, Players Choice, Sun manipulation, Fire manipulation, Water manipulation, Players Choice, Ice manipulation, Earth manipulation, Terraforming, Weather manipulation, Immaculate conception, Attraction, Players Choice, Endorphin breath, Immortality, Infra-red vision, Night terrors, Players choice, Dreamcasting, Telekinesis, Illusions, Hypnotize, Players choice, Earth communication, Animal communication , Healing with plants, Player’s choice, Gravity Manipulation, Sublimation, Age Manipulation, Aura perception, Creation, Curse, Players choice, Minor healing, Players choice, Full healing, Animation, Shapeshifting, Astral Projection, Players choice, Animal manipulation , Plant manipulation , Players choice, Flight, Invisibility , Liquify , Players choice, Under-water breathing, Carbon manipulation, Players choice, Cellular replication, Clairvoyance, Electricity manipulation, Intoxication, Magic, Fear manipulation , Golems, Herbalism, Intangibility, Size manipulation, Siren song, Players choice, Vision manipulation, Teleportation, Players choice, Time manipulation, Spellcasting, Players choice
> SELECT finger FROM hand WHERE id='3'

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