Looking for developer for converting PSD => MyBB Theme

A while ago I had a PSD commissioned, and hired an old developer here, unfortunately I lost the files and am unable to contact the developer. So I am looking to get a PSD => MyBB theme done.

It is quite complex, but that was back in 2013, 6 years later the web has evolved quite a lot. I am looking for quotes and for someone who already has a portfolio of themes.

So what I need;

- Someone to convert the PSD to MyBB, there are multiple PSD's such as forum home, threads, posts, account etc.
- Someone to edit the logo when they export the PSD to change the name.

Please PM me, or reply here Shy
IF You want I can do this for You.
For order you can Pm to me or Email to [email protected]

Also I can do :
Create desktop Application
Create Web Application
Create Android Application
Create Mybb Custom Plugin/theme
Create Wordpress Custom Plugin/theme
Php,C#,C++,HTML5,Jquery,..... Programming
View portfolio
I have found someone, thank you all that PM'd me, very much appreciated.

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