Phantom? Adverts
Sorry if this has been discussed to the n’th degree; but, if someone could answer my question I’d be much obliged. I have ‘AdBlock plus’ on Firefox – today I noted 16 advertisements ‘blocked’ on a website (Forum) which does not carry any ‘advertisement’. My co moderator does not run ‘AdBlock’ and saw no advertisement ‘on site’?
We do have a resident ‘Bot’ fleet – which seems to be benign –
Can anyone please explain?
Thank you – and, again sorry if this has been examined previously.

now you're going to answer your own question.

Does 'AdBlock ' block only ads? No, it can block cookies from other webs (Fcebook, Twitter, etc.), it can block Analitycs (Google Analytics anyone?), and so on...

Sure if you press in the Adblock icon, it'll have an option to show what is blocked in the web, and you'll see if it's an ad or something else.
I don't answer questions about localhost forums or forums without URL, I'm not a seer.  Cool
Cheers No Rules - Got it. It had me puzzled as I'd never seen any 'blocks' before on that forum. Something new everyday. Thanks

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