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Solved: 1 Month ago Can log into acp, but not front end
Solved: 1 Month ago
So I have been trying to get my site fixed and just can not make it work.  I have done all the cookie stuff tried different settings.  Just cant make it work.
Was having the authorization code does not match but i finally got that fixed now just can't get logins working.  If anybody can help let me know I will create a temp account you can try and login to.  

It shows me its logging in.  Then it never changes, regular theme or the custom theme.  You can login as many times as you want never changes.  

I can login to the acp just fine though.

Solved: 1 Month ago
turn off secured cookie & try again

forum admin panel >> configuration >> site details >> secure cookie flag --> no
Solved: 1 Month ago
Thank you you are a Jem, 12 hours of screwing with this thing and it took and hour to get an answer! Should have asked earlier.
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