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Import sha1 (with salt) to mybb
I really love mybb, it's the best forum software.

But I have a problem and I have been searching all day for a possible solution.

I have 2 sites.  One uses sha1 with salt (and is a bit old).  But it has thousands of accounts and has worked great for years.

Now I have a new mybb site and my goal is to:
1.  Import users from site 1 (so they don't have to register/login, etc.)
2.  Create an auto-login feature so if the users are logged into site 1 and they go to site 2 (mybb) they are automatically logged in using a session ID.  
3.  Disable login
4.  On site 1 make it so that any new registered user is also automatically registered on site 2. 

Problems I am facing:  sha1 with salt on site 1 to md5 on site 2 mybb.  I cannot find a way to import these old users to the new md5 encryption method.

The rest seems to be doable.  But I can't get past the first issue.

Is there any plugin, sha1 to md5 conversion tool or anything like that?  Trust me I have search and I can't find anything.

Both sites are on the same dedicated server.

Please if you can help let me know.  I am willing to offer as much advice and contribute as I learn the system, but for now I'm climbing the learning curve..

Thank you

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