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Not Solved "The selected plugin does not exist." - Can't Uninstall
Not Solved
Why would this error appear? I created a custom plugin; the plugin installed, and appears correctly in the installed list. I see "Deactivate" & "Uninstall" links. I created uninstall & deactivate functions. Everything about the plugin works fine, except when I try to uninstall it, the error comes: The selected plugin does not exist.

The plugin doesn't uninstall, it remains untouched and when I refresh the page the "Deactivate" and "Uninstall" links remain visible as if nothing changed.
Not Solved
post your plugin's code (in php / code tags) so that someone can check & provide guidance
Not Solved
I did some digging and it turns out that my plugin have an underscore in it is cutting off the first half. Is there any reason why plugins shouldn't have underscores?
Not Solved
plugin's functions use underscore [eg. pluginname_info()]
using underscore in the plugin name can be problematic while executing its functions.

[MyBB Plugins development - basics]

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