Modification of chat for photo upload (I will pay for help)
Hello guys,

I am looking for someone who will help me to make a chat ChangUonDyU about the possibility of uploading photos from a computer or phone, I would like have a button that appear in the gui chat, when pressed, its allows you to upload a picture and display it in the chat window (possibly will be needed optimizing to the appropriate format / resolution so that it does not blow chat windows).

Such a photo upload should cost several points from the newpoints plugin (generally, it should not be difficult in mybb_users, every user has the number of points he has)

Can  anyone help me solve my problem?   Angel

I will be grateful for the help and valuation of this order.   Heart
If someone decides do it then i send him all files that I use. 
I will suggest you to contact on
They coded newpoints and accept paid work Smile
It can be done by anyone who knows php, is responsible for creating a system for uploading photos, integration with newpoints is the easiest.
bump? Smile
That plugin has sql injection risks so i will recommend to use another one, anyways it will depends on how the chat was created but yeah as you said it can be added with a php knowledge.

But what is the price you wish pay for this ?

Maybe that way some developers can be interested on doing this.
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