Not Solved [General] Query about Updating the plugins
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The 'Advanced Sidebox' and 'Thankyou/Like' plugins are out of date. So, I want to update them. These are just one version back as I installed these plugins in January and since then they got updated within these three to four months.

Now, my query is how can I update these plugins without interrupting the forum. Should I just deactivate (not uninstall obviously) the plugins and just replace the files? In case of the Thakyou/like plugin, will the like counts be retained?

And also another query. As I can see if I am using the latest version of mybb or not just by clicking the 'check update' button in the ACP. Is there any way I can do it to the plugins too?
Not Solved

every plugin author explain in their changelog waht you have to do to update their plugin. Check the download page of the plugin to see the instructions, or check the plugin's post  Plugin Releases or Plugin Support

You could try to chek in:
Admin Control Panel > Configuration (Tab) > Plugins (left column) > Now you have 3 new tabs under the last ones (Plugins / Plugin Updates / Browse Plugins).

Click the Plugin Updates tab.
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