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ii am writing the seeds of a book with a desire to help humanity. It will be a free book with contributions from many people, even you. The Outline, Table Of Contents, and part of the Introduction are in the top post here...

i am writing a book on anarchy, socialism, and spirituality combined. I am writing the seeds as we speak nearing 100 pages. In a kind of anarchist way, after i publish the seeds of the book, i want humanity to contribute to its further writing through a forum or similar.

i am attempting to do something that either has not been done or is not commonly done. i have lots of questions about the capabilities of forums. The main one is which open source forum software will be best for my communities needs and the way i want to set it up? There is quite a lot to it, so I may as well go with the main one first.

My initial thought is that chapters will get their own sub-forum, and then sections of chapters will get their own thread, in the form of an editable  wiki. Each wiki page will also be a discussion thread, with a conversation about editing that section of chapter. Once current changes being discussed are implemented, the that thread is deprecated and replaced by a new thread incorporating the changes, inviting a new discussion for even further changes.

it is a forum-wiki combo (I know wiki has basic message boarding built in, but it is not adequate for all the other interesting things i want to do. a full-featured forum is required underneath either a full-featured wiki or something like it.)

This main requirement automatically narrows down the choices to open source forums, with an active community, and possibly fellow anarchists that will join me on this endeavor for humanity. i doubt that there is an OTS forum setup that will accommodate this, and i have not found one in my search. So I am either open to hearing about which forum software to explore, or at this early stage i am open to hearing about another approach (I don't necessarily have to use wiki, but will coding something similar to it be feasible in MyBB or any other forum software?) Beyond this there are many other interesting ideas, but this is a main one.

The book is electronic and free so i don't care about size. It is also not ever intended to be finished, but to become a living book. Snapshots at different times may be published.

The reason i want it to be a forum wiki hybrid is that there is a way to present it linearly as in a book for others to read, however the book is enabled to be written in a non-linear way by many people. The forum wiki idea is also practically not limited in size. (in all truth, each chapter could easily be book sized or larger. A big challenge will be to keep it at a readable size for the many.)


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