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Let us start from here:

I bought this plugin from Darkneo/Whiteneo in February 2017.

We recently discovered that exploit in this plugin and need help to solve this exploit.

After sending you our messages via mail and skype, we didn't get any response back from you.

So,let us try here and see if you are a serious plugin developer who takes the responsibilty of the work he has done and got money for doing it.

Normally, you should have patched that exploit which is known since 02/2016 and we paid the plugin in 02/2017.

However,we are looking for help because we had to disable that plugin to make our content secure.


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Since the plugin is paid and not available publicly; its not feasible anyone can provide you a fix. However you can do following:

1. Contact whiteneo. he is a friendly and efficient developer and I expect he will help.
2. Use an alternative (like one I linked to you few days back while discussing).
3. Hire a dev you can trust and share the plugin with him for a fix.
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Already contacted him via email and skype and didn't get any response but here he was active some minutes ago,so,let us try here as we too expect help for something we paid and has a known exploit.

And i am already using the alternative.
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I have replied to you but you have told me in some way that you do not say anything about what you have discovered if i do not give you a new file.

I have make many times every new patch an exclusive job for you anytime you need.

You have paid 10 dollars for the plugin, so common i have told you that the policies about support have changed into 2018 for all users and now only subscribed members can get and receive support into my forums.

I have covered all the past year even so support for you and others.

I am trying to help mybb community in the last revision, and i have many things todo. Real life and more. Even so i am upgrading all my current job. And have a lot of pendant job into my forums aswell and this is my priority for now.

Until you have rejected to say any information and my last version is like 10 versions more than yours i am not abble to wrote exclusive codes for any other users. So i have to rewrite many plugin parts due some hooks and more have changed, so it is a hard proccess. I have to update all the plugin and codes to put it work into mybb 1.8.21.

All this week i was focused on it alone as ever. Maybe if you have sent me the information about your issue i can cover it. But if you think the price you have paid is too much i will refund your money back due always you wanna get all for free or paying a very low quantity of money once and the life support even when i have told you that i have broken pc.

Now i have purchased one again with my money and Michael2014 i think i do not have the username in mind but he have helped me with job to purchase one again. When do you have time to do anything like that ? Even you want to condition me.

I do not like that but anyways i am on the upgrade again of my plugins, but maybe you can do a donation to mybb aswell and i cam cover your issues. But i think in last released version is covered and even i have told you since the begining of this year that i will only cover my user's memberships due it covers users that contribute with the mybb project or paid members.

Now if you can show me your mybb controbutions or a recent donation or that you have an active membership aswell i can work into your issie if the latest release have one due i think do not i have founded some bugs due the new versions of mybb were changed a lot amd some pieces of code needs to keep up to date.

So i will wait for you for i can give you a solution if you can show me the asked before please Smile
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Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

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If i start typing like you,i know we aren't going to find any solution.

The mail i sent on 28th may 2019 never got a reply, the links i sent on skype,never got a reply back.

I'm trying to get things for free? Everytime, where it was necessary, we have paid you.

And if we buy a plugin from you and it doesn't work or have exploits, aren't we allowed to get a free review?

It is like when you buy a new car and have problems and you aren't allowed to repair it,strange right?

This expoit is since 2016 so it should be covered when you sell your plugin , selling plugins with exploits and waiting a high donation are two things that can't walk side by side and don't except that we could donate you a new PC as we aren't making any money with our forums and we aren't working at micrsoft, what we have donated was the amount you asked for and we never discussed upon it, we paid.

And whenever it will be needed and it will be possibile for us, we will be donating myBB but don't mix up the things here and we are just talking about the hide till reply plugin. And i don't have any active membership on your forum as it wasn't needed that time when we paid for this.

Donation to myBB and an active membership hasn't nothing to do with this cause.

You want to refund me 10 usd? No, keep them because if you don't review it, it isn't the end of the world.

We must be able to see ourself in the mirror, that's important.  Wink

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I do not use skype.

You have contacted me many times and has not paid a peny, even for fix your forums nor plugins. Only you have purchased this and all works fine due many other boards have it installed.

And you have not read the license a out the file i encouraged to do so. Even into my forums all development terms were listed into a thread, suport membership was required since January 1st of 2018.

I have sent a masive mail to all users even i have notice to you about this in my mails and i decide to stop the development's project as many others so you wanna eol and it is not possible

If you paid as you said for any request the do it again and show it please i take $25 per hour or fraction of my time developing, so you have done it always show your receipts all my transaction ate stored so i have not a payment for services never.

I have fixed your site many times, even other requests you make even for this plugin in all 2018 so it is the middle of 2019 more than a year and half without support and i have told you that you will not have updates due the price and non support only if there is a issue and license terms were changed but anyways i will refound you your 10 and good luck keep it the file i am not interested on deal with problematic people anyways.

Staff members can close this thread i will refound the money back to this user.

Send me your Paypal please and that is all i will not waste my te anymore for this reason.

You are excusing it and all the people who have make deals with me know about that i am not like you said so enjoy yourself with that and wish you good luck.
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Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

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Well, how to change the conversation and give it another direction, should be learnt from you. Why are you asking to close this thread, afraid of losing your face? Big Grin

You are talking of everything else without concentrating on the main point.

Just to let you know that we have purchased more than this plugin from you and donated every single of them:

forum_vip .php donated 

pms_full  donated

maxpostallowed donated

lastposter-avatar donated

Hide content until reply 217 donated

The price paid for all of them above was either asked by you or was asked for just a donation, you never made any comment on that and continued making the plugins i requested.

So,now i can't understand the reason of crying Sad .Normally i should cry Smile

The problem is that the other plugins didn't have any issues or bugs and you didn't have to modify them constantly but the hide plugin is a bugged plugin and i have never installed something so buggy which i paid for ,on my forum.

Till today, after two years of purchase of this plugin, i am struggling with it , my forum was insecure because of your BUGGY plugin, for which you ask 25 USD/hour, ridiculous.

Now calling me a person who creates problems? Big Grin  You are a person who creates problems, who doesn't take responsibility of the things he has done.

I'm not doing nothing wrong here, i am asking for help for the plugin i paid for and that is my right and if you call a person fighting for own rights a problematic person, then, let me say, yes,i 'm a problematic person.

What would you refund me back the 10usd, take them as a little tip from us for making a buggy plugin as you won't hear from us back.

The discussion can be closed as we have decided to delete this buggy plugin without support from our forum.

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(2019-06-08, 10:14 PM)Whiteneo Wrote: Staff members can close this thread ...

(2019-06-09, 08:20 AM)kbilly Wrote: The discussion can be closed ...


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