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[Rejected] Malfunction in Drafts for threads with deleted posts
Tested on version 1.8.20.

Example for reproducing:
1) Thread created + replies.
2) First/initial post marked as deleted (Thread diasapperas for members/guests; still apperas for Administrators and is enabled to reply).
3) Create a reply and save as draft.

In User-CP this draft is visible, but there is
- no thread tied to this draft. The template variable remains empty.
- no working URL to edit the draft. The PID of the thread is missing.
- no working form function to delete this draft.

Other drafts will be displayed correctly but there is a strange behaviour with deleting using the checkbox and form element.
Once the deleted post is recovered, the form elements and URLs are working fine again.

Suggested Resolution:

1: Forbid to create a draft for a thread with initial post deleted (so invisible thread) at all - including Admin/Mod.
This is no desirable solution because the deleted post could be recoverd and the thread re-enabled.
Furthermore an Administrator should not be a subject for any restrictions!

2 (preferred): PHP code corrections for generating the URL for Editing and the form element for deleting.
Set the PID correctly with no care of a thread/posts marked as deleted.

Can you test this using the 1.8.21 pre-release packages? I think this may be solved by a different PR introduced.

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