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Sorry english is not my native language, hope the explications will be clear enough.

I'm preparing a conversion of an old forum that still runs IPBoard 3.1.4

Everything's fine (I had to made small changes in some files, I will post in separate thread in case this can help) except attachments : no issue but import is really VERY slow. Each page (20 attachments) can take more than 10 minutes...which means it could take 

I'm not sure if this is because of the number of attachments (approx 10.000) or the number of posts in the database (approx 1.700.000).

I didn't had this problem with avatars (approx 4.000).

Any idea (other than deleting old attachments)?

Tests are done on my computer (on an ubuntu vmware) to avoid network issues, mysql timeout...
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Importing attachments can be very slow, especially with a large number of posts. Not mention you have so many posts and attachments in your IPB database.

The merge system tries to replace any text like [attachment=#old_id:text] (IPB format) found in any post content with new code like [attachment=#new_id], after an attachment is inserted into MyBB database, before the actual attachment file is written into your file system.

The text searching is performed in every post upon every attachment import. That's why you feel importing attachment so much time-consuming. But the wait is worthy. I suggest importing attachment in the last step. When all import modules are finished, the Merge system will complete all remaining cleaning work. Another tip, I suppose, is to convert data using a fine-tuned SQL server running your MyBB database on a fast SSD(/HDD).
Could be wrong but worth a try.

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