Odd Editor Issue On MyBB.com
This has happened right after the latest 1.8.21 release came out.

While I am replying to a post/thread in any forum on MyBB.com using the FULL editor, the Enter/Return key does not work properly.

It's weird how this happened on the day of the release. 

My website is using 1.8.21 and none of the editors that I am using in FULL editor are having this issue.

In fact, I have gone to a few MyBB powered websites, who have upgraded to 1.8.21 and I do not see an issue with those websites.

Let me clarify how this issue comes up...

Let's say, I am replying to a somewhat long post/thread...

When the FULL editor comes up, the mouse cursor is placed at the very last sentence of the thread that I have elected to quote.

Then, I hit the Return/Enter key, nothing happens the first attempt. 

Immediately, I do the second attempt, the mouse cursor goes down to the next empty line, but I do not see it because the editor does NOT scroll the screen box up like it used to before.

At that point, I have to use the down arrow key to force the screen box to scroll up.

This is getting very annoying and I only (so far) have found this issue here in MyBB.com. 

(Moderators, if this is not the correct forum, please move it to the proper forum)
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Having same issue on my forum using the latest version,everything was working fine before the update.

The editor folder has been deleted and replaced with the new files from the latest packag AND the famous code button template has been reverted to the original.

May be this issue is related to the non default themes?

I'm having the same problem here too, will look into it tonight.
Just confirming that I have dealt with this issue too.
I'm glad that I am not the only one!

I thought I was having keyboard issues until I paid closer attention to the editors on the other websites and saw that weird issue was not showing up in those websites.

That's what made me post the issue here.
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I believe its a focus issue.
The focus was removed by author as was complaints received, even from MyBB.

Removing focus resolved this old issue.

... and introduced this.
Any updates on this?
What update you expect?
We should ask Sam to revert the change to resolve this and invite back the old issue?

Well I will look for the possibility to check if preview is called else set the focus custom.
(2019-06-19, 01:16 AM)effone Wrote: What update you expect?
I expect that the editor works normally,simple.
I'm having problems with all my forums after the update.¿ with the editor
When using the editor posts appear like this:

[Image: D4rF6aH.png]

Always with some html things like <p> and <br/>
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