How to check if a MyBB User exists and Verify their Password ?
I have a Java application which features a login form, and i want to make it so that only people who're registered on the Forum can login there.

Say for example we have a page which takes in 2 POST parameters.

The username and the password.

Using these, and having access to the Database MyBB is connected to, How can you essentially "Login" the user using these.
I was checking if there was some sort of API that MyBB provides. It seems like this is planned for 2.0, however its not possible here.

I'm really sorry, this might not fall directly under plugin development but this was my best bet.

There are 2 fields.

The password and the login key in the db.

I want to know how the Plain password in text form becomes the Password, basically how the password is encrypted.
Or instead, how the login key is created.

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