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[For 1.8] ABP Not Safe For Work 0.2
ABP Not Safe For Work 0.2

Small plugin allowing to notice that a thread is not safe for work.
Note : this is actually a beta version

  • Unzip the archive and upload the content of the Upload directory to your forum root directory
  • In ACP, Install & Activate
Global settings (ACP Home > Board Settings)
  • Forums : the forums where the plugin is active
  • Groups excluded : the groups which won't be noticed
Criteria selection (ACP > Configuration > Left menu)
  • Thread prefix : the thread prefix indicating the thread is nsfw
  • global action : how the plugin works (notice, deny access)
  • Age : the minimal age to see the thread
  • Age action: What is the action used for youngers (override the global action)
If action is "deny access", the user got the standard message (you have no permission). This is done to avoid people understanding why they can't access and changing their birthdate if this is the age restriction lock.

TODO : Add a way to simply hide the content of posts (kind of "spoiler" tag).

Sources / issues / suggestions :
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