New Admin CP Theme
Great job Justin,
had a quick look recently and it looks good so far and the minimalist feel is rather comfortable... 

[Image: Dashboard-1.png]

* would be nice to see it implemented in next patch .22 seeing as it works already in .21 Wink

* while I know the claim is that due to the change in template engine would not allow say the 1.9 front-end to be added that does not say that a 1.8 variant is impossible and it would be nice to see a 1.8 front-end variant of 1.9 front-end added into the dist pkg sometime prior to the 1.9 transition as well as would it not make such a transition more comfortable just a thought  as it would be nice to have 1.8 start looking something like just for example...

[Image: Forums-2.png]

* also I am mildly curious why there has not been a mybb 1.8.x respo by default pkg in any attempt yet as well? That would then not require some of us that already did that way back in say 1808 to not have to keep creating our own custom variant of the bbs pkg to do exactly that..., again just a thought.

anyhoo, keep up the good work Justin..., we will be watching. Take care. Smile
(2019-08-16, 06:58 PM)Justin Wrote: If you mean releasing this Admin CP theme for 1.8, I should be able to do that.


how could I get one? Wink
i would like to get it too ^_^,
i extracted the css but i think i need the "style.php" file too

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