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LoproX v2 MyBB Forum Theme | Responsive - MD Exclusive
[Image: wPvhOaG.png]
İndex : - -
Postbit : - -
Forumdisplay : - -
Profil : - -

Loprox Theme is loved since its announcement. While updating the theme, I tried my best to address the requests, it is a fact that this version is more modern and sleek compared to the former design. Since it goes well with pretty much any forum, I want to say that it is one of the most preferred themes. Many of its essential pages have a sensitive structure without any feature limitation. I hope good luck to everyone who is planning to buy it.

To see the theme demo, please send a private message. Ty.

The theme has a fixed price. Those who like it and have the available funds can buy and use it. They can test the efficiency later on. So, I’d appreciate it if we didn’t take each other’s time on this matter. Price of the theme is 150 Turkish liras (26 USD/23 EUR). If you did buy another theme from me before, this theme will be discounted by 20% for you.

(This discount is fixed, and won’t be valid for already discounted prices.)

I use TransferGo for payment. Since we can’t receive payments from abroad in Turkey, I request customers from abroad to directly send the money to my account on the same day by paying an extra fee of 3 euros. I thank you in advance for this.

All of the themes that we sell are up-to-date for MyBB version 1.8.21 and for every problem you might experience, you can get help from special categories in

Setup of the theme is quite straightforward, required instructions can be found in the given folders.
To buy, to get informed about or for other operations related to the theme, you can contact me using PM.

Other contact info is as follows:
WhatsApp: +90 850 346 46 31 (Recommended way of communication)
E-Mail: [email protected]

1- After receiving the theme files, cannot be refund.
2- If you don't have enough information about installation, we can install for you.
3- The license valid only at the address that you purchased. If you're going to change site. Before the change, you have to inform us.
4- Producer information at the footer like all system and themes cannot be deleted.
5- There wont be update except for small issues in the theme you've purchased. if there will be you will certainly be informed.
6- When you buy theme you will get as like you see it, If you have a portion at site that you want to change it is your responsibility.
7- The license have will been made on your behalf and the address you purchased, so you cannot sell or unalienable.
8- When making edits, the user is responsible for unintentional errors in the theme itself.
I am interested please pm me
(07-21-2019, 12:08 PM)ZillaVPS Wrote: I am interested please pm me

I sent a private message.

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