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How do I delete posts and threads completely?
I'm posting this here, even though it might also be considered a general question. The question is: how do you delete a thread or a post completely? And by completely, I mean that there is going to be no trace of it in the database, at all. You can see why it can also be considered a security issue, since sometimes there might be posts or threads that contain information that you need to delete forever (personal data, etc.) and nobody (either developers or hackers) should be able to recover that information.

So here's what I did. I selected some threads, and then selected "permanent delete" (not a soft delete). Everything seemed to be gone, but then I went to browse the database and looked for some strings that appeared in the deleted threads. It turns out some stuff seems completely gone, but other stuff is still there. I'm puzzled. For example, I still found something in the posts table and the threads table. I also found something in the datacache table, but I suppose that's not meant to be cleaned automatically (I'd have to check it and clean it manually). But I expected the posts and threads tables to not have the data anymore once it's deleted.

Do you have any advice for this? What should I expect MyBB to do? What should I do to make sure I delete the posts and threads completely?
Use the drop thread permanently and then run Clean Up Task using Tools and Maintenance, it should do it.
You can drop them directly from the database as final resort as well(Warning if you are beginner)

Where did you find the information in database after removing it?

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