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Not Solved logo doesn't appear after upgrade to .21
Not Solved
In the past a file called logo.png was placed in the images folder.  This would then appear especially if a user hit <ctrl> F5 to refresh it.  

Now it doesn't appear at all although the file is stil there in the correct folder.

Does it have to have a different name and is the folder /images correct?
Not Solved
And now posts appear like this.....:
<p>The forum seems to have strange display attributes nowadays....&nbsp; Maybe I can find out what is wrong after the 'upgrade'.&nbsp; Of course we all know that 'upgrades' means that you get different bugs&nbsp; <img src="" data-sceditor-emoticon="Big Grin" alt="Big Grin" title="Big Grin"> </p>

What is all this crap?
Not Solved
The logo started working for some reason or other.
The funny formats were fixed by 'reverting' something to do with codebuttons.

Anyway it all works now.

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