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Not Solved [General] Posting thread shows formatting
Not Solved
(2019-08-20, 08:58 PM)sioc Wrote: hello, i got the same trouble and the revert code fix nothing.

example of thread showing the trouble :

Revert the codebutton template & replace files under ./jscripts with latest ones.

AND purge your browser's cache for your site. If you're on desktop, Ctrl + F5 on your site just does the job. Or go to the browser's setting page, look for manage data or something. If you're on Android, clear the browser App's cache, eg. Chrome.
Could be wrong but worth a try.
Not Solved
What goes around comes around
Not Solved
hi, tried your way, i ended with an ugly editor and no fix... i di try some edit on the posts that changed nothing.

I even checked with some private browsing ...

So i kept the latest and rollback to previous codebutton.

there an other awfull thread :

What i don't understand is if you edit a post it is shown right in the edit iframe !

Please help Smile

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