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[For 1.8] ABP Sitemap 0.4
(2022-05-23, 03:57 PM)Fontane Wrote: Thanks for the update.

The statement that the sitemap.xml must be created can be omitted if you add "activate" to the PlugIn section at the end
// Create the sitemap file
chmod('../sitemap.xml', 0777);

The required file is then automatically created when the plug-in is activated and is therefore not forgotten by the user.

If the MyBB root is writable, the task creates itself the sitemap.xml.
Having the touch + chmod done when activating or when the task runs have exactly the same requirements: the uid running the forum (as www-data) or php (when using php-fpm) needs to be able to write in the directory.
Do not ask me help through PM or Discord
h this problem?
Thanks !

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